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Psychotronics Then & Now:
Mind Control Isn't What It Used to Be

"There are no secrets, only fools who believe in secrets."

The U.S. Psychotronics Association defines psychotronics as the science of mind-body-environment relationships, an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness.

"Psychotronic" includes electronic amplification of psychic abilities, but more than that, it is used to mean ALL offensive uses of psi energy. Psi means the manipulation of the biophysical field connection between man and the unified field of his surroundings.

In the more traditional and benign sense, iIntuition,sixth sense, siddhis, or 'psychic abilities' are latent in all of us and can enrich our lives enormously when tapped, whether during an emergency or through regular intuitional practices.

Intuition draws information from the unconscious, 'superconscious mind', or 'causal realm' to the consciously aware realm of mind more familiar to us in daily life. We can spontaneously know and understand what would otherwise have passed by unnoticed or seemed too difficult to comprehend as the subconscious mind. The unconscious is far more vast than the conscious mind can ever be.

Cultivating these intuitional skills consciously helps us make better decisions, improve relationships, heal ourselves, and achieve success in all areas of life. Such skill is easy to acquire and rewarding. For many thousands of years humans have questioned, explored, discovered and cultivated intuitional practices that have furthered their lives in every realm.



The weaponization of psi powers originated as a science during the Cold War. The US government got wind of Nazi and Soviet research from brainwashing victims, and via the work of Ostrander and Schroeder's PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN, US Parapsychologists, such as Dr. Stanley Krippner, Targ & Puthoff, Dr. Carl Schleicher, and other sources.

Not sure just what the implications were, funding was immediately allocated to a number of subcontractors for this esoteric research, which sought to close the "mind control gap" and leave no stone unturned in the quest for new means of intelligence, surveillance and counterintelligence. Two of the principle agencies engaged in such work were Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Palo Alto, California, and Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU) in the Washington D.C. area.


Psychotronics, or bioelectronics, was based on a few basic physics principles, which remain a sound theoretical basis to this day. Now there are a few competing theories for the nature of psi and nonlocal psychophysical interactions, but in the Cold War it meant roughly this ~


Fourier demonstrated that all form and energy can be described mathematically as complex waves. Our senses operate, by decoding these waves. Energy medicine(Oschman; Lipton) has described how cells communicate and coordinate themselves with coherent light and oscillating sound, which are more fundamental field interactions than biochemistry.

The brain operates as a receptor for portions of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. EM energy when modulated can act as a stimulus at some point in the sensory systems. There is a physiological basis for the degradation of behavior and for emotional and drive changes.

The degree to which brain stimulation can be limited to a discrete locus is a complex function of the wavelength of the energy, the scattering that occurs as the energy passes through tissue layers, and the nature of the antenna. Air ions and electro aeroles have been demonstrated to have physiological and behavior consequences.

Effects have been demonstrated on emotions, reaction time, flicker fusion frequency, blood pressure sedimentation rate, serum protein and metabolism. Charged particles penetrating the alveolar wall are transferred to blood cells and act on the central nervous system by stimulating pulmonary nerves. Photon waves, sound waves, and other oscillatory disturbances of freespace, such as neutrinos and gravitons were under investigation.

This results in an interference pattern that is either an amplified signal or a scattered wave pattern containing information that was present in the brain wave oscillations or object. The atmospheric carrier wave (probably Schumann's Resonance) spreads the interference pattern and information over the surface of the earth.

Certain capable people or devices can perform Fourier transforms to pick off the interference patterns and reconstruct the originals - an essentially holographic process. The Fourier components of entire scenes -- buildings, landscapes, individuals, etc. -- are directly decodable by the receiver. Nature's creative process is essentially cymatics.

Organisms in liquid-crystal-like assemblies of biomolecules exist and are capable of detecting incoming electromagnetic waves in the kilohertz region by more than a millionfold. Not only can incoming waves be amplified, but if the liquid crystal rotation levels are modulated by bioelectrical potential fluctuations induced by the brain of an individual person an outgoing field that carries this modulation information.

A second person, or device, capable of perceiving and demodulating this kilohertz wave-modulated information, can then "read" another person's mind. Some of the lower frequency nutrinos can stimulate deexcitation of biophysical rotationally excited molecules in the brain. Neutrinos can be responsible for the release of coded thought waves. Since neutrinos can travel unimpeded through the earth or other barriers, this is consistent with the independence of psychotronic effects to distance and magnetic shielding.

As regards macroscopic influences, experimental evidence indicates that will-influenced events actually do occur. According to some quantum-mechanical theorists, all matter is indeterminate and dispersed, and actually reality must be described as a wave function with an infinite number of eigenstates extending over all space and time. David Bohm believed matter must be described by a multistate wave function. The quantum wave is a wave of knowledge or information.

Holographic Paradigm

The information of the universe is arrayed not in terms of position and time, but rather as frequency and amplitude information. The human consciousness essentially performs Fourier transforms on this to order that information into the most familiar form (Pribram).

Consciousness, may by this mechanism, access any portion of space and time to acquire information. Further, since it is known that a particle with wave properties is not located in a strictuly determined place, but can be all over the entire universe or at different points at the same time (nonlocal), a generalization from microcosm to macrocosm makes possible the appearance of a macro-object anywhere in the universe.

Each object present as a standing wave in a specific location in space and time is also present at all points in space and time. Information regarding physical objects can be enfolded and carried in electromagnetic waves, by electron beams, neutrinos, gravitons, quantum matter-waves, and numberous other dynamics. Planck's equations states that frequency and energy are the same thing. We know that energy and matter are convertible from Einstein, so it follows frequency can be matter.

Thus, from frequency interference patterns we are able to manifest the physical objecs that produced those patterns. The human form unfolds its energetic potential and form through quantum bioholography - DNA works with photons and sound waves to manifest our psychophysical forms. Latent patterns in any particular point in space can be manifested by appropriate focusing of its wave or nonorganic, living or dead.


Human psychological processes have wave characteristics, and the mental images and thoughts of all people are present in every point in space and time. Recording and manifesting images as standing waves that have been emitted is part of psi research. The wave functions of Quantum Mechanics (QM) represent real matter waves that permeate all space and time.

It requires only the will (now called intentionality) of a capable person or suitably designed device to perform an operation on these waves that permits the perception of any scene in space and time. It is through Fourier analysis of these waves that objects and events distant in space and/or time can be captured and visualized.

This research led directly to neurofeedback and soon to direct computer/brain interface. It also produced a variety of resonance therapies, including those based on the frequency-following response or binaural beat (Hemisynch, Holosynch) and weapons, directed energy weapons, so called non-lethal weapons that disrupt the fields of the human body.

In the Cold War, negative healing was used to disrupt the energy bodies of adversaries, including the subject's respiration, heartbeat, and braiwave alpha rhythm pattern. Negative effects included pain, paralysis, burns, tissue damage, dizzyness, disrupted body clocks and sleep cycles, acute coronary thrombosis, etc. impossible to defend against. Targets included political leaders, troops, and counterintelligence agents. But the public was used for guinea pigs by both sides.

In 2007, we are more likely to describe these process from the domain of scalar physics, vacuum fluctuation and radiant energy. The dynamic void is not devoid, but contains enfolded EM energy/information, or the holographic blueprints of all force and form. See and




In the 21st Century, most of the psychotrinic or psi powers have been superceded by highly efficient and targeted electronic equipment from surveillance satellites to to brain reading and stimulating techniques, such as brain fingerprinting, fMRI, P300 waves, etc. Mind control assaults are almost exclsively electronic from small devices created with microwave ovens to giant antenna arrays, such as HAARP.

We are all subject to mass mind control through mass media, agit-prop and propaganda, and cultural engineering. Implants are no longer required for remote controlled psychophysical control.

Therefore, today the accent is on Do It Yourself, DIY self-regulation, the personal ability to regulate one's mindbody for optimal peformance, to embrace a worldview consistent with both science and extraordinary human abilities.

These are personal countermeasures to the polluted atmosphere our psyches are exposed to from cradle to grave. Control your own mind before someone else does. Worldview and/or belief systems about the nature of reality are fundamental. Whoever controls the myths controls the mind's perceptions of reality. See


A myriad of "brandable" new age technologies are based on non-scientific interpretations and confabulations of scientific theory. Though having its own organic root in metaphysics, new age tech has hijacked and romanticized the philosophical territory of psi research with its own prosaic interpretations and self-promotional agenda. Because it makes a romantically appealing metaphor doesn't mean it matches up with naked Reality. Often incompatible physics theories are confounded together for the so-called explanations. For example, the Many-Worlds Theory (MWI) doesn't require 'nonlocality' at all.

Psi researchers must be careful to see these explanatory buzzwords like 'resonance', 'alignment' and 'intentionality' for what they are, smoke and mirrors explaining nothing, not what some say they are. Like the next new buzzword, "extradimensionality", it is just a displacement into the Unknown of a process that may be something entirely other than what the experiencer thinks it is.

Rather than extradimensional participation in some subtle physics process, it may just be another trick of the mind - in the end, nothing more than a concept that doesn't match up with nor describe Reality. Oh sure, it may be existant in some nonfungable parallel universe, or that could be just another mentally attractive perennial fantasy. If there are memes in our culture, there are strange attractors in our thought patterns, that can harden into fixed beliefs. The fact is we don't know, and anyone who charges you and says they do is a either a fraud or self-deluded, or both.


There are many aspects of psi, some more credible and testable than others, ESP (information transfer) being the most plausble, psychokinesis (mind over matter) most problematical. Serious researchers are beyond parlour tricks such as seances, regressions, or ghostbusting. Still, there is no scientific or spiritual consensus about the mechanics of physics or consciousness, much less mind/matter interaction. But Mystery doesn't need to be metaphysical, mystical, nor dismissed as "noetic nonsense". It simply isn't limited by any of our concepts nor scientific blindspots. We can just admit we stand in the Mystery.

Psi Phenomena include telepathy, remote viewing, intentionality, distance healing, pk, synchronicity, hypnosis, altered states, mind control, and more. There are spiritual and subversive technologies for altering our conscious and unconscious perceptions. The antidote to having your mind controlled externally is to learn to control it internally with self-regulation techniques, such as self-hypnosis, meditation, binaural beat brain tech, and biofeedback. Seek the truth that underlies each cherished belief.


On the Possible Mechanism of Intent in Paranormal Phenomena
by Lian Sidorov

Abstract: On the basis of current observations regarding modulating variables in parapsychology and remote healing experiments, it is suggested that human intent functions as a variable window of transmission/reception in the exchange of extrasensory information, possibly within the range of ELF electromagnetic frequencies.




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