Taking Stock

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TAKING STOCK: From Tavistock to Woodstock

Before Woodstock There Was Tavistock

Iona Miller, 5/2007


Taking Stock: Mind Control, Psychedelics & Cold War Culture

In Colonial America, to keep them in line, the unruly were put in medieval stocks and pillories as a relatively mild form of punishment and humiliation. The public display was part of a social spectacle designed to encourage conformity and suppress the individual thinker and those committing misdemeanors. Those condemned to the stocks were subject to a variety of abuses.

Today, our minds can be tortured, directed and contained through subtler but more nefarious means. We are still put in mental stocks by megamedia and Big Pharma, and their combination – pharmaceutical adverts. Chemical straightjackets range from Ritalin, to antidepressants, to hormones, prescriptions and recreational drugs.

Paradoxically, there is an alleged War on Drugs by the very governments and agencies who are accused of profiteering on Black Market importation and distribution. CIA has been implicated in the infamous "Air America" Golden Triangle heroin importations in the Viet Nam era, cocaine running during Iran Contra, the crack epidemic in American ghettos, poppy production in Afghanistan (largest crop ever in 2006), and in promoting Orange Sunshine LSD through the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, to derail and discredit the peace movement in the 1960’s.

This follows an older tradition, an aspect of psychological warfare. British profiteers grew narcotics in India and forcibly sold them to China during the Opium Wars. Even tea was notorious during the American Revolution. Black Ops have a history of being supported via illicit drug trade. Anyone who is the end-user drives the whole karmic chain of supply and demand. And, it’s a bloody trail.

All drugs, even alcohol, tobacco and sugar are big business. It’s all part of The Spectacle, whether the source is nation-states, megacorporate drug companies (Big Pharma), global drug rings, or designer independents. Humans are hardwired with a “craving for ecstasy.” Social issues include suppression of direct mystical experience (religious experimentation vs. “pharmacratic inquisition”), modulating your own pleasure/pain axis, sexuality, and self-determination (individual freedom vs. state control).

Drugs rule, or he who controls the drugs rules and controls by means of drugs and the enormous cash slush funds they generate. Destruction of the real economy and the replacement of development with looting on a global scale is already in an advanced stage throughout the world.


Psychological Warfare

We’ve developed even more cruel and unusual punishment for would-be “free thinkers,” and dissidents since the era of MK Ultra, the CIA mind control programs. During the Cold War, the CIA attempted to outdo Soviet and Asian brainwashing techniques and close the “mind control gap.”

With the Manchurian Candidate, they tried to secretely manufacture the perfect assassin – a cyborg. Then the agency experimented with a variety of drugs designed to neutralize or disable the enemy, or to use as truth serums. They also used electroshock, sensory deprivation, psychotronics, and radical hypnosis. Brain washing wipes the mind and numbs the emotions; reprogramming plugs in new "software" that contours thoughts and feelings, and can trigger behaviors at the will of the programmer.

Though it was a leading candidate, LSD was determined no good for mind control, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be an influential social control. Once the drug became associated with the counterculture, it was banned (1967), which only made it more attractive. Yet it still worked its magic by deflecting energy and attention into hedonistic druggie lifestyles instead of confrontational political activism.

Through its Psychological Warfare Division, CIA-controlled media used CIA promoted drugs to discredit the peace movement. It used CBS, The New York Times, Associated Press, United Press International, even The National Enquirer, and other major United States media to maintain its control over sensitive subjects. This gave new meaning to the phrase, “the medium is the message” – infowars.

DeWitt Poole became president of the CIA's largest single propaganda effort of the WWII era, the National Committee for a Free Europe. Another prominent board member of Public Opinion Quarterly was CBS executive Frank Stanton. He was also a longtime director of both Radio Free Europe and the Free Europe Fund.

This CIA-financed organization was established to conduct political advertising campaigns in the United States and to launder CIA funds destined for Poole's National Committee for a Free Europe. This influence over the POQ editorial board and editorial content of the field's most prestigious academic journal was only a symptom of a deeper and more organic bond. The primary nexus between government and social science is an economic one so pervasive it makes any crisis of relations with the government a crisis for social science as a whole.

Facts about the CIA's PSYWAR propaganda and censorship relationship with certain American media executives came to light in the1975 hearings of the Church Committee: United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, chaired by U. S. Senator Frank Church, (D) Idaho (Hansen).

Carl Bernstein reported that in addition to The New York Times, "CBS was unquestionably the CIA's most valuable broadcasting asset. CBS president William Paley and Allen Dulles enjoyed an easy working and social relationship (with the CIA). Over the years, the CBS network provided cover for CIA employees, including at least one well-known foreign correspondent and several stringers; it supplied out takes of news film to the CIA; established a formal channel of communication between the Washington bureau chief and the Agency; gave the Agency access to the CBS news film library; and allowed reports by CBS correspondents to the Washington and New York newsrooms to be routinely monitored by the CIA."

The New York Times reported March 24, 2001, that at the time of Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, the CIA had a relationship with the Associated Press and the UPI wire services so that the CIA could actually place propaganda stories directly onto the international wires through those agencies. In other words, the CIA could literally write propaganda stories for willing distribution globally by the wire services.